Ministry Leaders are the backbone of YFC

Volunteers... We refer to them as Ministry Leaders because that is what they are. In reality these ministry leaders or volunteers become family. While you will find us loving students and spending time with them at Campus Life and out in the community there is A LOT more than that. We hang out together and live life together. You might find us: Having a party at Christmas, playing disc golf, going to movies, hanging out at local sporting events, and praying together. In order to become a volunteer there is an interview and application process, we are not interested in having "warm bodies" to help babysit kids. We are looking for people that are passionate followers of Christ. We are looking for people that have been saved by grace and know it! If you want to know more email Jon and he can set up some time to get to know you and find where you might be a good fit.

  • George – Saginaw Campus Life

    When we were invited to help start Youth for Christ in our area we realized this was an opportunity to reach teens for our Savior Jesus. We have learned that the "age gape" is not as significant as we tend to think as most teens are looking for someone to love them, regardless of the age difference. We are so thankful to God for allowing us to see their lives change as they come to know Him and follow Him.

  • Bethany - Bay City Campus Life

    Bethany loves people. Some people might SAY they love people but Bethany is really good at it. She has the heart of a servant, just like the heart of Jesus. It's hard to not smile when you are with her and that is just ONE reason why students love having her at Bay City Campus Life.

  • Victoria aka Vickie - Saginaw Campus Life

     I was part of Campus Life as a student. Adults at Saginaw Campus Life got involved in my life and through that and getting away on some church retreats I came to know and love Jesus Christ. I wanted to volunteer with Campus Life so that I could be involved in Christ sharing relationships with students.

  • Danny - Bay City Campus Life

    Entrepreneur, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Photographer & Wedding DJ. Colossians 3:1-4. That is Danny's Facebook bio. His love for Jesus and love for people is what makes him so great to be with. Students flock to the crazy guy with the beard because he MODELS the life of following Jesus in the world we live in.

  • Autumn - Bay City Campus Life

    The photo says it all! Where's Autumn? Surround by kids! When I first met Autumn she said, "I like High Schoolers but I really love middle school kids." That was when I knew that she would be PERFECT for Campus Life. She is fearless and loves Jesus, what more could we want! Autumn loves the kids that she works with and you can tell because they want to be with her!

  • Dan – Saginaw Campus Life

     I went through a lot throughout my childhood and teen years. Moving around from school to school, bullies, etc. and I want to help other kids get through the same things I had to. That is why I want to be a leader at Campus Life. Dan is currently serving in the Air Force. He will return STRONGER than ever! Thanks for serving YFC and our country!

  • Jason Beck leads our Juvenile Justice Ministry at the Saginaw Juvenile Detention Center. They meet the first three Tuesday nights of the month, and break into groups and help the teens read and talk about the Bible.  They truly have fun talking and answering questions the teens have about the Bible, Jesus, and life in general.  Along with Pastor Billy Strawter they also provide a Sunday morning chapel three Sundays each month.  Their program is simple; preach right from God’s Word into surprisingly open hearts. Jason says, “I never ask why they are in this predicament.  I care about those things and I wonder about them, but I don’t ask. We are just there to love them for Christ.”

Ready to volunteer? Give us your info and we’ll be in touch.